We are storytellers.

Good People Studios is, first and foremost, a group of documentary filmmakers. We’re storytellers at heart and we bring that approach to our marketing work. While we continue to make award-winning films, our advertising reflects our storytelling roots. When it comes to our clients, we want to discover the story behind the people. What makes them tick? Why do what they do? What’s their story?

Video is arguably the most emotional of mediums. And for clients to truly connect to their customer base, they have to develop an emotional connection. That’s where we come in.  We help clients reach their audience in new ways, while providing the data to back up our work. Pretty images are fantastic! But we insist that our clients see the returns of their video push.

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The Company We Keep

Our relationships with our clients are long-lasting. To us, the model of paying for a one-off commercial or two is outdated. With the explosion of video on the web, and its importance in SEO and audience retention, it’s more crucial than ever to provide our clients with consistent video.

That’s why we work with our clients to determine their needs. One size does not fit all, and we make sure our clients are getting the right type and amount of video assets to reach their audiences in the most impactful way. Take a look at a few of the companies we’ve worked with:

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  • acm
  • cch
  • ethertel
  • fpgmr
  • iroquois
  • RAR mr
  • TLR logo mr
  • dalec
  • nashvillezoo

Our work

From documentaries playing at festivals across the country, to television commercials our clients use to gain exposure, we produce all sorts of videos – both for our clients and for ourselves!

Our theatrical documentaries are stories of interesting people doing interesting things, while our branded documentaries take the same personal storytelling approach to our client base. Our commercials don’t just land on televisions, they’re used as consistent and constantly produced assets our clients use to boost their online video presence. And when you’re a Nashville-based company, you have to have some fun making music videos, right?

Our Process

We refuse to revert to a cookie-cutter mold of producing videos for our clients. As wide-ranging as their stories are, so are their marketing needs. That’s why we take the time to get to know our clients and make sure we’re reaching their audiences in the most effective manner.

Many of our clients are on a retained video basis. Meaning that each month, we’re producing more and more video for them. It’s important to us that we become a partner with each of our clients – working with them closely to continually find new ways to tell their story, and new video methods for connecting to their customers.

The Story

We love characters, and every company is made up of interesting characters. We help our clients find that character and tell the story of why they’re so passionate about what they do. And the longer we work with them, the more we learn and the more invested we become within that same story.  

The Shoots

Whether it’s a large production, with multiple crew members and high-end gear, or it’s a quick one-man shoot, we’re constantly finding diverse ways to capture the aesthetic of our clients’ business. We love pictures, and we take the time to nail the visual and churn out professional content.

The Data

It’s one thing to tell great stories and produce captivating visuals. It’s another to present the data that shows what this content is doing. How is your audience being reached? What content are they watching the most? On what platforms are you getting the best audience retention? We’re constantly providing the answers these questions and
  • Josh is a storyteller and journalist first and a video photographer second and for us, that makes all the difference. The content is stickier and more relevant to our client's needs - something that is always a challenge to produce. Highly recommend them.

    Thomas Scott, Franchise Performance Group
  • Our project was large and unwieldy, but Josh and his team gave our series the heart we were afraid it would lack. I love their collaborative nature and the work was done artistically and in a timely manner.

    Vicki Davis, Head of Training, Vanderbilt Hospitals
  • Bringing these guys on has given us some exposure that we normally wouldn't have gotten. They've just been a really good partner for us and have helped us realize it's more than just making the phones ring -- it's how you're reaching the people."

    Tim Leeper, Tim Leeper Roofing
  • We're excited to be working with Good People Studios as they help with our marketing efforts. As I continue to talk to Cole and Josh and about what we're doing, they've really served as our creative advisor and have helped us gain assets we wouldn't have had otherwise.

    Steve Minucci, Accelerent

About Us

We love film. We love storytelling. And we love figuring out new ways to help our clients. We combine filmmakers and content marketers under one roof to achieve our perfect venn diagram of video production awesomeness! With both former journalists and advertising directors making up our team, we make sure to cover all bases.

We’re not the typical video production company. To us, it’s important that our clients have a holistic experience and that we’re consistently accessible for all ideas and concerns. Whether we’re on the film festival circuit or working with a client one-on-one going through the previous month’s data report, the passion is the same — it’s all about the people!